March 17, 2011

Kit's new home

Kit moved into a new apartment recently. It is on the 9/F of an old building in Sham Shui Po. Every visitor climbed up stairs and had bbq on the roof...without lift~

The completed ceiling is covered by traditional 'Red blue white' canvas, which is a good match with his over-sized cushion beside the bookshelf. It is no doubt we enjoy listening to his second hand music player (although the player was moved to the roof, with the plug connected to the socket on 9/F during bbq...). It is awesome and the CD opening was fixed by Kit. I am interested in this circular Chinese calender...whose binding was modified by him.

It has the similar style with the apartment of a group of youths in the movie "Sixth Floor", and Kit agreed with it and he said it is what he has been looking for. I tried watching movie on the roof, whereas a projector was set and the movie image was projected on the wall of stair house. I hope we will have chance to watch it at Kit's roof.

It is amazing to have a huge blackboard next to his home entrance. Kit and Smally painted the wall black and everyone is free to draw with chalk. There are many interesting furniture in his home...such as stools transformed from wheel (used to be tied with wire), coffee table stacking with 'wooden bases'. Last by not least, there must be a place for alcohol for this alcohol lover. Kit is a frequent traveler and always bought different type of wine from other countries.

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