February 14, 2012

From nature

I was happy to see Salim Patel's stone collection at a farmer's market. It was my 1st time to look at stones carefully, observing their colors and pattern. And I found very nice painting on the stones, which is a gift from nature.

February 1, 2012

Olympics in London

I am glad that my Love Collection is available with Olympic Games Collection together. It is meaning to me as I am in London this year..not able to visit Olympics, but I can feel the atmosphere in this city :)

SWATCH DRESSES UP FOR LONDON 2012 | Swiss fashion watch and jewelry maker Swatch kicks off the new year with a very stylish pair of sports-inspired Gent Originals, the Olympic Games Collection – London 2012. Created with one eye on fashion and the other on the upcoming London 2012 Olympic Games, these stylish Gents merge pro-sport aesthetics and classic London design. The designers have given a nod both to British fashion’s mod heritage and the London 2012 Olympic Games logo by means of a two-toned palette that’s sporty on the one hand and elegance on the other.