March 17, 2013



January 1, 2013

From place to place

I was still studying in London when I put my last post in this blog. I am now in Hong Kong again, and I focus more on another blog ( But, I am happy that some people are still interested in this blog :)

Million thanks for your sincere support. I hope it will be a good start in 2013, keep fingers crossed.
And I wish you all the best from Hong Kong.

May 17, 2012


It is more convenient to draw on canvas in London, because I have more personal space than in HK. But, I look forward to renovating my room in HK later. It will be a better working place than now ^^

April 27, 2012

I am so nervous on my final project in London...So, let's eat more!! A large dish of curry chicken rice, 2 big bowl of misu soup. I am try to cut my biscuit...I ate too much biscuit in front of my sketchbook :D

If I am going to do a book, what will you expect to see? I look forward to your sharing :)

February 14, 2012

From nature

I was happy to see Salim Patel's stone collection at a farmer's market. It was my 1st time to look at stones carefully, observing their colors and pattern. And I found very nice painting on the stones, which is a gift from nature.

February 1, 2012

Olympics in London

I am glad that my Love Collection is available with Olympic Games Collection together. It is meaning to me as I am in London this year..not able to visit Olympics, but I can feel the atmosphere in this city :)

SWATCH DRESSES UP FOR LONDON 2012 | Swiss fashion watch and jewelry maker Swatch kicks off the new year with a very stylish pair of sports-inspired Gent Originals, the Olympic Games Collection – London 2012. Created with one eye on fashion and the other on the upcoming London 2012 Olympic Games, these stylish Gents merge pro-sport aesthetics and classic London design. The designers have given a nod both to British fashion’s mod heritage and the London 2012 Olympic Games logo by means of a two-toned palette that’s sporty on the one hand and elegance on the other.

January 10, 2012

With movies

I am definitely workaholic...but I'd relax myself by going to the cinema in HK, since I'd stop looking at computer, or talking with clients (a very good excuse to reject phone calls), but it is not easy for me in London. So, I'd only borrowed DVD at college library...however, the sketchbook is handy near my mac. I paused the movie, and sketched the interesting faces I saw on the screen....

Anyway, I really miss my movie gathering in Hong Kong. Chat chat chat, and eat eat eat before and after the movie....Riel+Ryan, Tracy and Jan... :)

I chatted with my dad on phone. He introduced me some Taiwanese movies...Oh my god! That's what I did to him, and now it reversed. How is the Cinematheque now? Is the refurbishment nice? I miss the time chatting with the staff at the bookshop before movie as well...