June 21, 2011

Daily travel

My last design company located in Hong Kong Island, which is 1.5 hour journey from my home. Boss questioned if I can travel for a long distance everyday. I replied that I will enjoy it cos' I can brainstorm on my design projects in my journey. Finally...I did not.

I enjoyed different journeys from office to home: 1) Sheungwan > IFC > Central Pier > Enjoy night view on ferry > Tsimshatsui > Reading at design bookshop > Browsing at gadget shops > sleep on bus > dinner......or 2) Sheungwan > Street food > MTR to Tsimshatsui > browsing at boutique > visiting exhibitions at Cultural Centre > Buying magazine or getting freepaper > MTR to Taipo > Reading > Walking at riverside > Dinner.....or 3)........

I have flexible journey everyday~